3 mei 2018

Today I had my first small business trip! To Amsterdam! I was really happy I could plan two appointments on the same day in different parts of the city, so I can combine everything in one trip, very convenient! The first company I visited was Ikonospace. The office, which is located not far from the central station, was small but cozy. Ikonospace is focused on Virtual Reality Technology and they suggested us to create an exhibition in VR space as a trial.During my first internship and this one, I attended most of the business appointments with her. So I was especially enthusiastic when she let me go alone!  This trip is the first serious one, where I had to represent our museum. It was not hard for me at all, also because I am an Art and Technology student and VR is my industry. So during the meeting with the co-founder of the company, we discussed all the aspects up to small details and technical specifications of products they offer. It would be nice to have some experience in the company like this for me, to improve and learn more about the latest technologies and I'd like to try it, I think it might fit me. So we would definitely stay in touch with Ikonospace now!

The second appointment is less formal today, no fixed timing. I was recently in touch with Sotheby's Amsterdam, we met during the big opening of No Hero. I was especially lucky because there is a small exhibition on show now in the office here only for two days! There are highlights of the Van Dedem collection, which are going to be sold in July in London. So I had a small talk with the colleagues there and they showed me around the office. I am happy to have the opportunity to travel, meet new people and do all of it for work!

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