Audio tours

27 mei 2018

Today while the museum was closed I spent all my time in Audio Tours! It's in English and German this time. As you might know already that we have 5 different audio tours in total. Well, luckily now it's available in 3 languages: Dutch, German and English! Before the opening, when we were arranging the first 5 Dutch audio tours, it was so frustrating and complicated. To be honest I didn't work on it last time but I clearly remember my colleagues struggling with it so much. They were always updating the system, reloading the computer, checking the connections and constantly calling the company who provided the hardware for us! From the first side it truly felt like a hell job. So when Gemma asked me to upload another 6 audio tours to the system and make them work, I was pretty scared and so unsecure that I am even able to do it.

Well, it took me only 1 full day and Voilà! Uploaded all the files in the right places on the website and in the system in the right order and languages and started the synchronization. Next three hours were all about waiting.. and waiting ..... and waiting..! In the evening when everyone was already gone and I was alone in the building getting hungry, I couldn't really wait any longer for it to be completed. So I left the synchronization up to it’s own mind. And what a surprise it was for me the next morning when everything was working perfectly! Well, sometimes hard jobs are not that hard actually as you expect it to be and it’s still always fun! Enjoy!