12 maart 2018

Today it is exactly 30 days before the opening !! But we still have soo much to do! But keep calm and do not panic! Let me tell you a bit about my current tasks. First of all, the main focus is the signs for our artwork. Every piece in our collection has a basic knowledge about the work next to it. So we need all the necessary information sorted in xlsx file and I am staying in touch with our designers on the final outlook of the signs. Moreover, I stay in touch with Sandra and we are planning another meeting this week to discuss some options for artwork samples that visitors will be able to touch in the 'Living Colors' exhibition. We need to decide where and how we should display them to make it clear for our visitors. Apart from that I am also tracking the process of our postcards production, which should be ready as well .. The list of work, deisgn, copyrights ... and there is so much more going on! In the museum there are many people who would never get bored here.

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Gastblogger: Alexandra