First Artwork

23 februari 2018

Good morning! Hope your day starts as good as mine starts in the museum. Today is the great day for our museum: first paintings are coming to their new home now! The track full of treasures was standing next to the 8 o'clock already and the great team of 6 people works here today to manage it. Only the owner of the museum and the artwork. We have not even noticed how one room has gotten full of it. Now the most exciting part is coming, the next step is to unpack all the works. Luckily I had the list of the whole collection.

At some point I was left alone and I am standing there. Exactly at this second I realized that the dream is just coming true, here is the work I imagined in my head! Standing in the middle of the hallway, where you can see what is going on and where to go. I feel the day in the museum can not be more exciting. 

Gastblogger: Alexandra