Test Run

Test Run

7 april 2018

Today it is exactly one week before the Big Opening! Only 7 days left!
Everything is almost ready and this Saturday we have our first Test Run! Since early morning the whole team is running and finishing the last preparations in the museum. We are especially lucky with the weather today: it's warm and the sun is shining so we are more than ready to welcome our volunteers on the terrace. Around 11 all our volunteers were coming to test how all the systems are operating in No Hero Museum. People were divided into several groups so some of them were testing the shop, others were spending some time testing our audio tours! It is such a great thing to do in the museum.
Of course everyone has tested how our restaurant is working as well! Everyone enjoyed lunch on the terrace afterwards, our new chef is cooking great stuff today, as always to be honest! It is so nice to see how volunteers are meeting each other, forming little groups, having talks about the museum or just walking in the garden. In the afternoon our volunteers were finally signing the contracts, Gemma Boon is signing every single paper personally and giving a welcoming handshake to every member of our new big team!

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