Dream Team

22 mei 2018

While our museum is closed on Tuesday, Gemma did a surprise for our team! In a group of 5, we met early morning today to spend the whole day together on the road! First stop was MOOR Museum, which is located in Gorssel. It is also a private collection, but presented in a different way and atmosphere. There is also a restaurant and the terrace was pretty cozy for the morning coffee with the team, but no garden or place to walk. The museum seems very big and bright, with high ceiling and modern art, meanwhile in No Hero feels more cozy and home to me. I truly enjoyed the exhibition though, because working in the museum you become more focused on daily duties and important tasks what need to be done, sometimes you don't see the world around anymore. It is important to stop, take a break and step out to see the main target, take a moment to enjoy the art and remember what and why you are doing. For us as a team of No Hero it was also useful to see how it is possible to manage it in the other way, very interesting! 

The second stop for today was Kasteel Ruurlo, the national monument is one of the most beautiful castles in Gelderland and is surrounded by a beautiful English landscape garden. It is also a second location of Museum MORE. Here we had our lunch on the terrace and enjoyed the weather. Visiting the castle was so much fun! There is a glass bridge leading to the main entrance and the interior inside was quite specific as well! Also happy to share the experience with the whole team, really inspiring how other people might see the same things in a completely different way!