Big Opening

Big Opening

14 april 2018

One of the biggest events of my life happened today! Opening of the whole new museum! I still truly believe I was lucky to have this unique opportunity to join the company and be involved from the very beginning. We were waiting for this and worked hard with the whole team and now it's finally coming true to life! It's quite a strange feeling: we are so excited and happy like never before. On the other, it was hard to believe that it's happening this day.

More than 500 people came to the museum to attend the parties: one official ceremony in the afternoon and another big event in the evening! Gemma Boon, the director of the museum and other people were giving opening speeches, DJ also played for our guests and of course there was a short tour around the museum. It is a great pleasure for us to be so enthusiastic about No Hero, we are doing something right! I truly believe that is a great start for us!

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