Touristic market in Diepenheim

30 maart 2018

This weekend we were representing our museum on the touristic Market which took place in Diepenheim. The event was hold in one of the art centres of the village where representatives of various organisation in the area arrived. It was not only art related, you could find any kind of activities which would be interesting for tourists there. Each company had a corner or a table to represent itself, to put up little brochures, plans or products! Among the stands we found one about flying drones, another about river rafting, couple of restaurants and salt museum from Delden as well. The event started early in the morning with few talks and presentation. A colleague of mine gave a short presentation about No Hero since we are completely new on the market. In the afternoon the market was open for the public, so local people and tourists were coming by asking about the museum and what we are going to present there. This type of event was a new experience for me, but with my colleagues we really had fun there and made use of it to let more people know about it!

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Gastblogger: Alexandra